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Five visual elements of nightscape lighting

Light and dark: illumination, brightness, brightness and other indicators, reflected in the human vision, is the feeling of light and shade. The intensity of light and shade transition (gradient) is the night landscape is different from the charm of the Japanese landscape. Light and shadow, this is the real world. Light and light color Light & Color: including light color and light color. The combination of light and color has strong emotions. Dynamic and static Dynamic and static: the construction of the urban night landscape inevitably to the dynamic stage. The 3D world in the sun is also for change and change along with the twilight, but only in the dynamic lighting rendering, can show the most incisive four-dimensional charm. As we are in the light when XiMoRuJin, we use dynamic lighting on the same "rare". Skin texture: texture rich visual displays to a great extent on the building surface texture and color. The important thing is that the light is free to set its position and direction, so it is possible to maximize the performance of the subject. We call it the ability to model. Rhythm Rhythm: the visual composition of the composition of the components of the night landscape system. The night landscape system is a complex combination structure, and the internal organization of the whole system determines the external visual effect.

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