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Development and design of modern lamps and lanterns

Abstract: This paper introduces the basic properties of the light source lamp, analysis of inherent properties and application characteristics of modern lighting products, according to human engineering, Ren - Product Semantics and visual culture and other factors, combined with the development of the practice of engineering project, to explore the method of light of new product development and design and principle.


The lamp has a long history, the earliest can be traced back to the primitive people learn to use fire. From the beginning of the fire, to the invention of the oil lamp, gas lamp, lamp, such as the development of a lamp, can be said to be a witness to the progress of human civilization. Today, the new light source and the invention of new materials to the design and production of lamps into a new era. As the main part of the LED, the point light source device is continuously miniaturization to the nanometer scale, which creates a new platform for the development and design of new lamps and lanterns. This paper from the two aspects of the basic properties and application properties of lamps on the induction and analysis of lighting production play referred to the design of light source, material, operation methods, symbolic meaning design basic elements, and combined with the principle of ergonomics and product semantics, and explore the new lamp with product development and design method.

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