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City residents - Lighting - PHILPS lighting Handbook

Lighting and urban space have a great relationship. This is not the night lighting, but from the beginning of the city. Early lighting with candles, oil lamps, gas lamps, from the palace to capitalist economy era

To promote the development of consumption, transportation, but also makes the city continue to expand. The city has become larger, with the road, traffic, transportation, security and other needs, thereby promoting the demand for lighting. Until the electric light was invented, the night lighting went further

Step by step to promote the development of commerce. Modern lighting has become a part of the city, and the development of the city is closely related; in addition, it is the stage of the City show, through the street facade of the outline and rendering, the interpretation of urban space

Show the city culture and promote the business life. At night, there is a long time, so lighting has become an important part of urban life, and even a strategy for the development of urban space. But we also see some extreme cases

Children, such as flashing neon lights, despite the eye-catching effect at night, to attract people's consumption; and the city in the daytime without lights will be greatly reduced. This shows that if these buildings are not "urban residents

The discussion of "light" is of great significance and value. Throughout the history of mankind, the light of the fire from the fire, to the invention of the electric light, not only for mankind to bring light, but also bring us warmth and hope.

Belonging to the day, it will have an impact on the character of the city. It is very meaningful to discuss the topic of "city residents. It shows that the significance of night lighting lies in its relationship with people's lives, and consumption, business, urban theme, and each of us. Because we have half the time in the night. In this half of the time, people can not every day

Stay at home, but to enter the urban space, into social life. Therefore, the impact of night lighting on the organization of urban space, the impact on urban life. It provides not only the lighting, but also the space. night

The night city is quite different from the day. During the day is the physical nature of the space, and the physical space during the day will be a change in the night, the lights can not see the space into physical space, and the place where the lights can become

Into the space is empty space. Therefore, during the day and night on the inside and outside space conversion. At night, the city's space is organized by lighting. Lighting creates life at night, and night life is based on lighting.

Today in the city in the process of urbanization, we see the lights is not only meet the basic needs of survival and life, are endowed with the connotation and significance of multiple; in modern life, the light will play a more important role.

As I have been working on environmental protection, I am particularly concerned about the negative effects of artificial light on the natural world. Some research reports at home and abroad have proved that light pollution will have a negative impact on the natural world. first

First, from the broad natural environment, strong light reflection will make more and more people enjoy the beautiful starry sky lost the opportunity; from the narrow point of view, improper lighting illumination and the strong will of animal and plant growth

Cause a very adverse impact. In animals, for example, most animals are quiet at night. They do not like the strong light, but because of the outdoor light, disrupting the law of their day out of the night. It's easy to understand because of me

We think so, too, that we are all affected, not to mention animals. In addition, the lighting has radiation and heat, the animal absorbs excessive heat, will make its electric field to a certain extent affected,

And it also has a negative impact on its growth. Insects, insects go to the light, in the light of the attraction, will gather in groups, especially in the mating period, due to the attraction of light, will make them very excited, early exhaustion of the loss of strength

Go vitality.

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