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Design and analysis of lighting design of Macquarie Group Headquarters (three)

In a large open office, trading and meeting rooms need to use the smallest way, choose the flat panel lighting to meet the general lighting needs. In the trade area, the suspended direct / indirect versions of these lamps are integrated into the cold light beam climate management system. The light that is hidden inside the tank provides most of the features of lighting and wall lighting to ensure that the illuminated surface is not the focus of the light itself.

Design and analysis of lighting design of Macquarie Group Headquarters (three)

In more social areas, such as coffee shops, bigger rest areas and leisure areas, various types of chandeliers are used to provide visual cues that tell people to relax and communicate. At the same time, the chandelier is also used in a more formal private dining room, creating a sense of decency, and cold cathode recessed lighting and wall mounted LED wall lamp combined to form a wall art. In the definition of space, select the color temperature of the light is also very important, office area and trading places using cold light 4000K color temperature, social areas and Internet use warm light 3000K color temperature.

The most important point in the design is the need to consider environmental protection. Minimal energy consumption is vital to the energy efficiency of the customer. As a result, the rigorous evaluation of effective technologies, efficient fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps and the use of LED to meet the required energy and quality standards.

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