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Appreciation of parasitic office lighting design

ARCH Moscow Architecture Biennale in the Russian capital held as scheduled at the end of May 2011. 2011, Za bor

Architects put forward a new concept of effective use of residential areas to achieve economic office space. Za bor architects parasitic office was awarded the two prize by the judges of the A C H Moscow R (first prize vacancy).

Moscow is one of Europe's largest city, with the rapid development of economy, the shortage of some design studio, modern art gallery and other art related institutions need creative work space is becoming more and more obvious, so the concept of parasitic eye-catching office.

Appreciation of parasitic office lighting design

Most of the existing multi-storey buildings are the most distinctive features of the Moscow region, which are enclosed with walls and wide aisles. Zabor architects program is to use the space between buildings to create a unique economic office, while not affecting the courtyard.

Za bor

Architect's own studio first turned the concept into reality, and the studio plans to build two houses on Kozhukhovskaya's fifth avenue. The program creates a three floor space, separated by a modular floor panel that is accessible to the roof area. An independent structural unit sandwiched between the two walls of a house is the skeleton of the building. The main facade is made of polygonal cellular polycarbonate material lightweight and durable shape dynamic space; toward the inner courtyard of the facade is full of flat glass.

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