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China L Hongkong'etage bar lighting design appreciation (two)

When they noticed that the comfort of the moment was provided by this subtle lighting effect, the new fun time would start again, and then began to explore interesting lighting.

Cigar bar is the most eye-catching is lit by the light around the shiny cigar box, it seems that the sofa is enjoying the arrangement of cigars. Lighting up a good cigar, it seems to give them a careful makeup. When you sit on the sofa, lit a cigar, gently spit out the smoke ring, this elegant and quiet atmosphere of the room can make you relax, relax, enjoy a small.

China Hongkong L'etage bar

Multiple signs of L'etage are projected in the air. It's also a little fun that everyone can play at least once. These lights, if not blocked, will be projected onto the walls above the cigar box. The same can also slowly flashing, played an important role in space, providing a sense of life.

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