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China's first green lighting education demonstration base completed

Now the elimination of incandescent lamps, the promotion of energy-saving lamps have been deep into the community, schools and families in Beijing. In this, the protection of children's vision, so that energy-saving lamps to the students to bring green lighting is the most concerned about the parents. The day before, Beijing's first "green lighting education demonstration base" was completed in historians primary school.

Pictured above, China Energy Conservation Association, China gradually eliminate incandescent lamps to speed up the promotion of energy-saving lamp project staff, in the school teachers and students to provide energy-saving lamps. At the same time the experts to carry out the lighting and health science lectures, but also to teachers and students have increased the knowledge of science and light.

Xu Yingying, deputy director of the China Institute of metrology, stressed the use of energy-saving lamps, lighting design should be carried out in accordance with national standards, in the standard for different functions of the classroom are required. Such as normal

Class classroom, the illumination of the desktop to 300lux, the illumination of the blackboard should be in the 500lux, the art classroom requirements will be higher, the desktop illumination to 500lux lighting level.

At the same time, the experts also remind the students, do not read in orange, red, blue and other "mottled" light source, if you feel the indoor lighting of the light source is obviously flashing, to turn off the lights or leave as soon as possible, because this time

Flashing light is the biggest damage to the eyes. In addition to let the children develop good habits with the eyes, the reporter learned that, as a green lighting education demonstration base historians primary school, for green lighting also has a unique philosophy.

Historians primary school vice president Nan Chunshan said, we must ensure that the classroom has enough light, and adequate light is where? First, the location of the lamp, the height is appropriate; second, whether the child's eyes with light to play a healthy

Function. At present, historians primary school is gradually using T5 lamp, more energy saving, more soft light. In addition, the light energy saving is not enough, school teachers and other staff, every day to patrol, inspection, to ensure that the lights

With the normal working conditions, to provide students with a healthy eye environment.

It is reported that Beijing's green lighting education demonstration base will be historians elementary school as a pilot, and gradually promote, and strive to make the scientific knowledge of green lighting more popular.

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