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Notice on the collection of the seventh China Lighting award application

Member units, lighting education and research units, lighting engineering design department, lighting engineering company:

In accordance with the lighting award was established by the China Institute of lighting, the national science and Technology Award Office officially approved the only important award in the field of Chinese lighting. The award is designed to reward domestic and international lighting in the field of scientific research, technology

Individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the promotion, application of science and technology, and the design and implementation of new and high technology industries and the implementation of lighting projects. In order to improve the level of manufacture and application of lighting industry in China

Advanced lighting level, promote the development and progress of Lighting Science and technology to contribute.

After the study, the Chinese Institute of lighting decided to carry out the seventh session of the "in accordance with the lighting Award" from now on, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

Award setting:

1, in accordance with the lighting education and Academic Contribution Award (reward category name first prize, two prize, the other three).

2, in accordance with the lighting engineering design Award (including indoor and outdoor lighting projects, the name of the award category is divided into first prize, the two prize, the award of the year three, excellent nomination Award)

Reporting conditions:

1, in accordance with the lighting education and academic contribution award: the applicant should be a prominent contribution to the cause of education, lighting, or in the field of academic innovation and has a significant impact on academic.

2, in accordance with the lighting engineering design award: (1) in lighting engineering technology has made significant and innovative achievements and contributions, and significant application results. (2) the declaration of indoor and outdoor lighting projects should be completed before January 31, 2012, with independent intellectual property rights, the right to dispute.

Declaration: declaration materials submitted directly to the Chinese Lighting Association lighting award awards office, or recommended by the unit (China lighting society branches, lighting society across the country, foreign related academic organization) submitted to the China Institute of lighting China Lighting award office.

Materials: three copies of the required information. (see Annex 2, 3)

Reporting time: from now until March 31, 2012 (deadline to postmark).

Selection method: the declaration by the relevant recommendations by the recommended units, in accordance with the lighting Award Office or commissioned experts to review the qualifications, and then by the society organization expert panel (domestic and international lighting industry experts review), finally by the Committee in accordance with the lighting in the final, to meet the requirements of the project in the selection of project lighting award winning and social publicity.

In the lighting award declaration, recommendation, review and award the implementation of justice, seek truth from facts, fair and open principles.

Winning projects will be announced in due course in 2012, and held a grand ceremony.

We sincerely invite all member units, lighting education and research units, lighting engineering design department, lighting engineering company to the care and support of the lighting award selection activities, and actively participate in the activities, to contribute to the development of science and technology China lighting and progress!

This notice and declaration can be downloaded from the website of China Illuminating Engineering Society (

China Illuminating Engineering Society

According to the work of the office of lighting Award

December 26, 2011

According to the work of the office of lighting Award

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