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Britain's lighting design award for the "light of the network" sculpture

The sculpture, called "the web of light", was designed by the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei for the Liverpool biennale. The idea of "the web of light" was put forward by Mr. Ai Weiwei, who thought the spider was one of the architects of nature". Therefore, the "spider web", which is made up of a glittering crystal like "spider web", is in a prominent position in the center of the city, which is very eye-catching. From the feasibility study stage, Arup participated in the design. Taking into account the special location of the project, Arup help artists find a practical technical solution. The method used in this project is based on the stadium roof design. Compared with the stadium, the project budget is much less. Lighting Arup worked closely with the structural engineer, developed an innovative lighting solutions, use only with efficient optical elements with low energy consumption and sustainable light LED lamps, to create a dramatic atmosphere, and brings the visual stimulation. Project completed in September 2008. Due to its success, the original installation period of 3 months was extended to a period of 6 months. And in the 2009 British lighting design award was popular, Arup Lighting was awarded the "special projects" award.

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