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"Participant": an interesting interactive experience project for public facilities

This project is very successful, people will soon be able to master its function. In terms of interactivity, the action and feedback between the foot and the luminous glass brick is satisfactory, and attracts more and more tourists. This project is also an observer, participants and performers among the typical model swap: visitors by observing and curiosity, and then participate in the period, to explore their own, eventually becoming a performer, for other people came to watch the show. The process from the observer to the participant to the performer is the core of the interactive experience of public facilities. In this project, Electroland began not only is an associated person and life space to the success of the project and mutual understanding, should encourage dialogue between people and performance to a certain extent, the common experience of the project can open channels of communication between strangers.


Contact: mack

Phone: 13332979793


Add: 3rd Floor, Building A, Mingjinhai Second Industrial Zone, Shiyan Street, Baoan, Shenzhen,Guangdong,China

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