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Brief introduction of hotel lighting

Abstract: the relationship between temperature and illumination, the color rendering index of light distribution, lighting, light source suitable for

The relationship between color temperature and illuminance

Making use of the matching relationship between illuminance and color temperature to create a suitable atmosphere. Generally speaking, color temperature and illumination should be in a positive proportion, that is, high illumination, high color temperature, and vice versa. Domestic hotel lighting design habits often, the color temperature is very high, but the light is generally low, often fall into the following picture of the gloomy atmosphere.

1, the use of the same color temperature light source, to avoid the confusion of light color

2, the same functional area, surface and objects, using the same color temperature light source, so that the unity of the light environment. In terms of the lighting design of the hotel, because of the emphasis on the conflict and drama, the uniform color is in line with the characteristics of the hotel. We note that some of the domestic good interior design company, there are still many problems at this point. For example, Guangzhou Jimei Chime Long Hotel group design project, the other is good, is the lighting also has some problems: some rooms with a cold white light source; some rooms are both warm and cold white light, white light, make people feel very uncomfortable.

3, the choice of high luminous flux utilization

(1) the lighting device with optimized parameters and high luminous flux. We often encounter such a situation, the light source was the total flux by the nominal is very high, but because of the low efficiency of the lamp light output, after the results calculated illuminance values and actual completion, measured using a luminometer result far.

(2) it is recommended that the relevant factors of the luminaire efficiency and the parameters of the light distribution curve to be supplied to the lamps and lanterns manufacturers should be entrusted with the relevant testing equipment for testing.

Two, select the appropriate light

In order to avoid the loss of luminous flux in two aspects, the distribution of light intensity distribution, the central intensity and the half light intensity of the light distribution curve are selected to deal with the room air ratio.

(1) for example, the wine is usually located in the building lobby at the podium, the ceiling is usually very high, choose high above 6m is very common, with narrow beam angle and light illumination distance long, not only in the upper part of the very bright, but the ground and away from the ground 1m activities in the region but the brightness is not foot;

(2) on the contrary, if the use of such a light in the room and other areas of the ceiling is too low, the ground will be very bright, but the lack of vertical illuminance. The following figure two is the comparison of PAR38/80W/ beam angle 120 and PAR56/300W/ beam angle of the light distribution of 400.

Three, lighting mode

The optical channel has been widely used in various commercial space lighting, and even some flooding. With the development of the manufacturing technology of electric light sources, lighting lamps, lighting by direct way has been able to avoid discomfort glare on the visual harm, so, unless the decorative requirements, otherwise, don't waste the light emitting groove of various types of serious and inconvenient maintenance.

Four, the color rendering index requirements

(1) color light source commonly used color index CIE to evaluate, it is to include people of color, 10 color samples, used to evaluate the light source and standard light source (overcast sky light) for evaluation of difference color display. Generally speaking, the higher the Ra of a light source is, the better it will be.

(2) but it should be noted that, because Ra is the average color samples, so, although some of the color rendering index is very high, but the appearance of a particular color may be bad. This point should pay attention to the hotel lighting design.

(3) in the domestic lighting standards and design practice, has always been less emphasis on color, usually stressed in places where there is a need to identify the color of the high color rendering index of light source. In fact, the general, people have more contact with the place, especially the hotel, guests can show a healthy skin color is very important.

(4) in addition, the color of the light source is better than the color rendering, under the same conditions, can have a lower illumination. This is not to say that the color can replace part of the illumination, but people should be clear in some sense.

Manuscript source: Aladdin lighting network

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