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Beijing Xuanwumen south side lighting design appreciation

In determining the cross with small angle metal halide lamp remote projection, stained glass with transparent rendering, how to show the emblem and carved in shallow relief, emphasize the sense of three-dimensional and high wall supporting column is of indomitable spirit features, will undoubtedly become the focus of this design and difficult point. After the lamp experiments, the designer uses a small angle with the hood of the metal halide lamp, and the wall mounted light emblem carving and emblem hall; small angle and the inner baffle of the metal halide lamp to buttress column installation to illuminate the pillars of Yin angle and stigma, while the use of the T5 fluorescent lamp, to weaken the soft the contrast between light and auxiliary light effect. After the transformation of the facade of the overall lighting to achieve a clear level, rich in light and shade effect, which is what designers want. The side lighting effect is mainly through the lottery and outside the window lighting lighting roof pan in two ways to achieve them, and the facade lighting together successfully completed Beijing Xuanwumen south of the night turned.

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