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Beijing Xuanwumen South lighting design principles

Adhere to the following principles: the design of the case, to avoid excessive light rendering and jumping or colorful decorative lighting, maintain the church atmosphere; second, selection of small volume, light distribution, easy maintenance, shell and wall color close to the lamp, and must be able to effectively hide; third, to better show the building tone gray brick endemic to Beijing, the key parts of the use of color index more than 90 high-quality light source, unified color temperature is 4000K, the original lighting equipment and remove or replace the overall effect of the. The illumination on the south side is the focus of this case. On the south side of the church facade, facade composition and symmetric stable Chinese architecture, and combined with the three stage division of the western classic, the classic form called Chinese and Western; in addition, buttress tall, towering cross, exquisite carved emblems and Maria ave, stained glass and colorful but also strengthen the religious architecture features flavor.

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