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Beijing's Only Title Guozijian archway charming night

The Imperial College Street is located in Andingmen Beijing old city, also known as Cheng Yin street. Beijing is the only preserved archway title, but also the only one included in the Beijing municipal cultural relics protection streets.

The night of the Imperial College Street is so quiet and peaceful.

History is a dynamic change, for the protection of historic renovation work will also be a dynamic process of change, the Imperial College Street is so. The transformation of the former Imperial Academy street lighting and city lighting lighting is the old alley, belonging to the disordered state, inadequate lighting, lighting in the street building is not reasonable, and the ancient landscape node without lighting conditions. Lack of night lighting environment has great influence on the Imperial College Street Night Landscape value. Thus, the lighting design around the Imperial College 700 years history of the highest institution of Royal feeling expansion.

The scenery with the old Beijing Guozijian Street source character

Warm white light underground lamp soft hit Guozijian Street arch, highlighting the heavy sense of history

/Imperial College Street Guozijian street background Background Information:

The Imperial College Street, in Beijing city of Dongcheng District in Andingmen, is an east-west alley. The Qing Dynasty "Cheng Yin Street", named after the Confucian Temple and imperial college here, also called imperial hutong. In June 14, 2008, with 700 years of history of the imperial street again to "old face" after the show, after the renovation of the Confucian Temple and Imperial College have restored the pattern and regulatory history, the official opening, Beijing Confucian Temple and the imperial Museum officially opened.

Imperial College Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing on the inside, is an east-west alley. Qing name "Cheng Yin Street" because the Confucius Temple and Imperial College named in this, also known as Imperial College alley. June 14, with 2008, 700 years of history of Imperial College streets again to the "old faces show" people. Through the renovated Confucius Temple and Imperial College has been restored historical pattern and regulation, the official opening, Beijing Confucius Temple and Imperial College Museum official opening.

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