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Analysis of Library lighting design

During the day, stacks of glass "shell" will be mapped around the building. On the facade, a variety of different languages are projected on the culture and peace of the motto, the window surface formed a beautiful structure, but also can not help but think of the building as a function of the spread of cultural land. The specific contents of the stack, that is, a row of books and magazines full of shelves, is the reflection of the secret behind the exhibits. One of the most beautiful buildings in the United States is that it can be disguised as a chameleon in the daytime and disappear in the surrounding environment. Only in the night, relying on the concept of clever lighting, the appearance of a dazzling appearance: glass architecture into a light building.

One of the details that the designer has to consider is that glass is a transparent material, and cannot be used as a solid wall. Here is a proven solution, is to use the wall lighting lighting in the interior of the building, it is common in the United States lighting design pioneer Richard Kelly (Richard Kelly) works, such as the New York Seagram Building lobby. The technology can create a bright vertical surface, through the glass facade to illuminate the surrounding space, so that the whole building like a lantern.

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