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An effective measure to realize high efficiency lighting -- choose efficient light source

First, the lighting can not be separated from the light source, the object can be called their own light source, the sun is the nature of consumption, to meet the requirements of high illumination, you can save a lot of electricity than the general lighting.

Two, when the working position is dense, you can use a separate general lighting, but not too much should not exceed the maximum soolx.

Three, if the degree of intensive work in different position, the division of general lighting, with higher illuminance for the work area, work area can be used instead of low illumination, can save a lot of power, but the work area and non working area illumination ratio should not be greater than 3:1.

Four, the lighting of tall buildings, usually used in the general lighting, and in the walls or columns on the lamp, but also to achieve the purpose of energy saving, but not only the wall lamp and column lamp, and no ceiling lamp. The installation of lighting fixtures on furniture or equipment, also can be regarded as a kind of lighting energy saving method, but is not allowed to set local lighting, and no general lighting.

Five, indirect lighting or lighting in the ceiling, at the same level of illumination conditions than direct lighting by electricity should be large, although the quality of lighting, light and soft, but not a kind of energy-saving lighting.

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