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2012'can not miss the visual feast - Beijing Lighting Exhibition

Opening scene

(Reuters Liu Li) February 29, 2012, the annual Beijing Lighting Fair grand opening scheduled. The exhibition in China Lighting society's consistent support, is booming Chaoyang development, gradually showing the trend of prosperity.

Wang Jinsui, chairman of the China Illuminating Engineering Society, executive vice president and Secretary General Ms. Xu Huai attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition. Mr. Zhu Yulun, chairman of Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. said at the opening ceremony of the exhibition: the size of an increase of 50% over last year, the exhibition scale of 30 thousand square meters, brought together 200 exhibitors, is expected to attract 25000 spectators.

Compared with the past, this exhibition as long as there are several characteristic aspect, summarized by writing to common readers:

Aspect one: meeting forum activities. The Beijing Lighting Fair can be regarded as the most since the previous exhibition conference forum activities, not only followed by last year's exclusive sponsorship of PHILPS's light DESIGN poly

Forum, but also held for several days, throughout the exhibition always, while the Chinese lighting Institute sponsored by the China Lighting Forum also held in the Royal hotel. In addition to lighting energy-saving products public procurement summit,

2012 lighting engineering design case forum, but also to increase the three field lighting marketing training courses designed to train dealers buyers. Open all day, the theme of the meeting from the lighting design, national policy, procurement, distributors, etc.

Industry chain. From the large-scale development of these types of activities, it is not difficult to see the Beijing lighting exhibition is trying to train their own buyers group, including designers, buyers, distributors, agents, etc..

Aspect two: famous enterprises gathered numerous. Large enterprises PHILPS, Thorne, KingSun, FSL, Ya Ming and other lighting appeared one by one, and it is a large uniform the special booth, a style. Beijing lighting exhibition in China

Beijing, Beijing is the political, economic and cultural center, with a favorable geographical advantages, many of the exhibitors for large brand enterprises, small businesses but less. Because the big brand companies pay more attention to the relationship with the government, and Beijing links

Nature will not be less time, or the country's large projects come from. The small business is more practical results, the immediate interests of the recovery, called a small boss to participate in the exhibition, his first sentence is bound to ask the exhibition salesman;

Single order! If you can not see the immediate short-term interests, he will not be more than the cost of this exhibition.

Aspect three: deeply affect the northern market. Beijing lighting exhibition is located north of North China

Light source lighting market far-reaching impact for the northern part of China's lighting industry to undertake an important point and exchange platform. Visitors to the exhibition will also come from the north of the staff, such as the company's northern companies, the Northern Office, some designers focus on Enterprises

The boss came in person. Of course, this can be said to be its characteristics, in fact, its shortcomings and limitations, but in the past one or two years, the Beijing lighting show has gradually presented to the national development trend.


Four: details handled properly. Three tables for details. 29 is the first day of development, compared to last year's relatively deserted, this year's situation looks really good. General manager of the Yangtze River, Jiangsu, general manager of gold deer told reporters: Today

The morning of 9 has been busy until now, a lot of people interested in our products, many of which are foreign audiences. This year we are the first exhibition, feel good. Reporters saw two in the Yangtze electromechanical booth

Black and white form, the original one is the northern more than and 30 Design Institute and other units of the tour, the above also detailed the number of visitors to write clearly. The reporter asked Huang Zong: "these tours really come? He said, "here comes today

Not a few "The second form is the contact information of the restaurant near the Beijing exhibition hall, each has a telephone number, a total of more than and 30, which reflects the details of the services for exhibitors.

The third form is the form of the lighting marketing training course, which lists the name of the enterprise that needs to be recruited.

Aspect five: in nurturing the rise stage. In the exhibition, Beijing architectural design and Research Institute of Electrical Engineer Mr. Wang Meng on the show's view: Beijing Lighting Fair with more designers to showcase products, rather than the southern exposition, more inclined to commercial.

"This year's Beijing lighting show is much better than last year, including the scale and popularity of the show, but it is still in a nurturing stage, is still in a rising trend, in a few years should be better. Lv Weidong, general manager of the Olympic Games as a gold sponsor of the show, said to reporters, mr..

One year spent similar, each year is different. Thick product to thin hair, we see this year is the Beijing lighting exhibition continues to prepare for the work, there is progress, there is a forward, one day, it will erupt. We believe that under the support of the China Lighting society, with the support of China lighting network, look forward to the 2013 Beijing lighting exhibition to bring us more surprises.

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