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Energy Star V1.1 lamps specification will take effect in April 1st

Energy star's V1.1 lighting standards will take effect in April 1st, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reminded partners can now begin to apply for a new standard certification. After April 1st, only those who get third party V1.1

Lamps and lanterns are certified to qualify as a qualified version of the energy star. In April 1st before the production of the old standard products will meet in the market using energy star sign. V1.1 lamps specification can be downloaded in the original If conform to the old standard lamps and lanterns at the same time conform to the specifications of V1.1 lamps, as soon as possible to inform the third party certification. Beginning in April 1st, the manufacturer must cease to label the Energy Star label that is only in line with the old specification, including product packaging and promotional publications.


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