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When the environment changes, the human eye will have what feeling?

When people from the bright environment suddenly into the environment, the beginning of a dark, invisible objects around, after a few minutes to slowly adapt to. On the one hand is to enlarge the pupil, increase the light radiation into the eye, on the other hand, the eye of the rod cells to restore the function of the photosensitive. And fully adapt to the dark environment about 30-40min. If the dark environment into the bright environment, began to have a feeling of discomfort, but quickly adapted to, and restore the normal visual function. If there is an area between the light and shade, the eyes will be comfortable. As in the museum, visitors from the bright outdoor lobby or soon enter the lower illumination hall, visitors eyes is very uncomfortable, the good design of museum set light environment transition zone in the exhibition hall entrance, so that the eyes of the audience can better adapt to the change of bright and dark field landscape.

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