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What is visual efficiency?

The cone and rod play a major role in the visual and dark vision, and the spectral response to these light is called visual sensitivity (pectral luminous efficacy).

The spectral luminous efficiency is derived from the "bright" equal perceptual angle luminous efficiency, which is derived from psychophysics on luminous efficiency, also has the absorption spectra from the presumption of physiological characteristics of cones and rods, luminous efficiency.

In the report on the results of many studies on the optical efficiency, spectral light efficiency curve is a reflection of the three types of cones and rods.

The physiological side data also play a fundamental role in the verification of the response mechanism of the eye to the light, but the reliability of the side data is higher than that of the light side.

The relative value of luminous efficiency and luminous efficiency are specially called spectral luminous efficiency ratio (sPectral luminous efficiency)), CIE (CIE) data based on psychophysical brightness perception equal side, the bright vision and dark visual spectral luminous efficiency than the standard.

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