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What is the gap between the domestic lighting industry and the developed countries in the west?

The difference between domestic and foreign developed countries is not so tired of people lighting designers, designers are often China party a word, hard day, people who did not know that many designers in the busy project. In fact, a project with the depth of the party and constantly revised, so overtime became the norm, hard to become a necessity. And abroad, especially in Japan, lighting design industry is very sound system.

For example: from the signing of the design contract, the lighting designer to understand the architectural and interior design from the floor plan, profile, expansion plans, furniture, etc.. If the drawing is not easy to understand the situation of space, to the same situation of the construction unit, or communicate with the customer personally. From the beginning of the project, each of the designers involved in the project must fully understand the project, so as to avoid detours in the later design.

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