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What is the LED color light?

Do you believe it, the color is actually live: they are clever, can make all kinds of space colour affect our mood. In space in the lives of most people, however, pale or warm lamplight, we generally used. The new LED color light, that is, have, color mixing mechanism of the LED lamps and lanterns that move light, can produce the result that can change the space atmosphere. 
LED color light by capacitance step-down type regulated power supply, LED controller and G/R and B three colors of the LED array. Its shape and general ivory incandescent light bulb is the same, but the light automatically according to certain time interval after the discoloration. Back to the enclosure from green, yellow, green, purple, blue, red, white. Color light is the color of the original three primary colors LED respectively two leds light up, it can emit yellow, purple, cyan (such as red, blue two LED light purple light); If the red, green, blue three kinds of LED lights at the same time, it will produce white light. If there is a circuit can make the red, green and blue leds were two light, separate light and tricolor LED lighting at the same time, the seven different colors of light. The external light bulb must use ivory. In this way can we better mixed color, not transparent materials. 
LED color light is suitable for family birthday party, holiday party, the Chinese New Year holiday, give to add festival: can also be used for entertainment and advertising lights, etc. Blue light is dizzy, for example, set off at six in the morning of the pure and fresh and soft, through the warm yellow, lovely pink, light green, can be applied to comfort. Romantic lilac color can let a person remember memories, household or commercial space atmosphere can according to need to match the color, there is no need to change the interior decoration or lamps and lanterns. 

, however, this kind of lamps and lanterns is a more troublesome shortcomings, is color change control circuit, need to cost is higher, and the life of the drive circuit will be a problem, at present there are many kinds of solutions to meet the industry, is expected in 2009 after such applications will be more and more, the situation in 2010 LED lighting market took off state. 

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