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What are the psychological effects of light on people?

The effect of light on the cerebral cortex has a direct impact on people's psychological activity, emotion and so on. Such as ultraviolet light, light color, color temperature and light flashes will have a psychological impact on people, thereby affecting people's physical and mental health. Lack of lighting for a long time will cause visual tension, so that the body is easy to fatigue, distraction, memory failure, abstract thinking and logical thinking ability. And excessive sunlight, not only make people feel uncomfortable psychologically, but also can make people sick. As for a long time after strong sunlight exposure, corneal damage, and can induce cataract, may have confused in mind, depression and other symptoms, and the skin can be changed to black phenomenon, or make the skin become red, make the person produces tingling. The normal activity of strong color of artificial lighting in the brain can interfere, disrupt the balance of the human body, causing people to restlessness, fatigue, dizzy etc.. Light pollution in urban lighting, affecting people's rest and sleep. Therefore, modern society should pay special attention to lighting must be conducive to human health.


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