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What are the possible negative effects of lighting on the living environment?

The natural effect of the earth's picturesque natural landscape living environment is natural, ecological, green, has become the focus of attention of the world today. The living environment depends on the environment, but the light environment on the suitability, and light environment associated with the atmospheric environment, the ecological environment is destroyed, will eventually affect human themselves, this is the reality we have to face. Since the artificial lighting, he has brought to mankind a bright, vibrant, happy and modern civilization. But at the same time, artificial lighting is not a positive impact, he will inevitably have some negative impact on the living environment. Especially the excessive artificial lighting, for animal, plants and buildings, to the human survival environment, from the aspects of growth, physiological chemistry, physical chemistry, may have a negative effect. Specific performance in artificial lighting: excessive waste of energy, increasing air pollution; night sky background brightness is improved obviously, affect people's normal life and scientific research activities on the natural environment; destruction of plant and animal alternating judgment, disrupt the growth rule; cause light pollution, affect people's physical and mental health; influence on buildings by the photochemical effect. Excessive artificial light causes destruction of resources, environment and ecology


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