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What are the international organizations for the prevention and control of light pollution?

At present, the light pollution prevention and research organization are: (1) the International Commission on illumination (CIE) CIE fourth division twenty-first Technical Committee (TC4-21) is devoted to the study of "the effect of light on the astronomical observation (Interference by light Astronomical Observations)" group, the Committee has done a lot to prevent and the light pollution related work, such as in 1994 published a "city sky glow astronomy anxiety (Urban Sky Glow-a" Worry for Astronomy, Proceedings of Symposium of CIE TC4-211994) a book. (2) the international dark sky Association (IDA) is IDA International Dark-Sky Association English abbreviation IDA is exempt, non-profit organization established in 1988. Headquartered in the United States TUCSON. Its purpose is to effectively stop the dark sky on the destruction of the environment, raise awareness of light pollution problems and seek solutions to the education of people of good lighting at night. By October 1997, it had more than 2000 members from more than more than and 70 countries. In 2006, more than 40 experts and scholars became members of the organization. (3) the International Astronomical Society (IAU) twenty-first, 50 IAU International Astronomical English committee is the abbreviation of Union. The IAU twenty-first committee is the "night sky committee" (The light of the Night Sky), the fiftieth committee is "existing and potential Observatory Sites Protection Committee" (Protection of Existing and Potential Observatory Sites), the two Committee for the protection of astronomical observation the environment (including optical / infrared, radio, space) and the establishment of the. In 1999 fiftieth the committee established a working group to control light pollution by Cerro Tololo American Observatory, led by M.Smith. Key words: lighting design company lighting engineering company information from the Internet, if any, please contact QQ1553190422

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