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What are the different requirements for lighting in various situations? (I)

Theaters, cinemas and theaters, the audience should be equipped with a variety of lanterns, searchlights and dimming device. To facilitate the audience access and program needs. The station, port and dock passenger waiting room, waiting room lighting, and luggage at the station and other places, with high color intensity good gas discharge lamp. Waiting room, waiting room, platform and other places should be used in the form of coordination with the building form, easy maintenance and high efficiency lamps. The ticket office, ticket office and the customs inspection office shall have local lighting. Larger platform, the square should use a high lever lights. Stadium lighting swimming pool lighting along both sides of the long side of the arrangement; synchronized swimming should be added underwater lighting devices, each 2m luminous flux of water is not less than 1000lm. Wrestling, boxing matches and all kinds of chess game venues should be added local lighting. In addition to the regular hospital hospital lighting lighting lighting, also should set the ultraviolet germicidal lamp in the waiting room, consulting room, hospital of infectious diseases, Department of respiration, blood bank, toilet room, washing room and puncture gynecological operation room etc..

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