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What are the applications of ultraviolet rays in life?

Ultraviolet radiation directly to the skin, in addition to the bactericidal effect, but also has to adjust and improve the nervous, endocrine, digestive, circulatory, respiratory, blood, immune system and promote the function of vitamin D production. It can make the fluorescent material light, such as ultraviolet detector to identify the authenticity of the notes using the above principle. A certain intensity wavelength of ultraviolet irradiated material, will be issued after the fluorescence, according to fluorescent color, you can determine whether it contains the detection elements, such as lead, mercury and other heavy metals and pesticide residue could be used in this way. The use of special insect eye sensitivity to 365nm ultraviolet, UV light made, eliminate mosquitoes, human health ultraviolet lamp made by 280-320nm ultraviolet irradiation, the skin, can prevent rickets and occupation disease. The use of ultraviolet light and oxygen in the air after the reaction of ozone, the oil molecules can be burned to produce carbon dioxide and water, oil fumes in the organic matter was photolysis oxidation, odor will be eliminated.

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