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Visual spatial comfort

First, to ensure adequate lighting visual clarity

Through lighting, emphasizing the various objects in the living room of the "clarity", so that it is fully displayed in the light of the following, the use of a variety of high light (high color temperature, cold light source), the top of the proliferation, to create a visual space.

Two, the chemical reaction to the lighting: small space becomes larger space

Expand the living space by appropriate and scientific lighting to make the space look bigger. You can use uniform lighting, a single color to enhance the sense of space.

Three, so that people can be completely relaxed"

Relax by lighting. Application of desk lamp, desk lamp, candle, fluorescent lamp, floodlight is hidden, highlighting the material and texture of decorative materials. Non uniform lighting should be used not overdo sth. just perfect.

Four, the privacy of light

It has been proved by practice that people are more accustomed to being in the dark, because people in the dark area will feel safer". Therefore, in the lighting design, the user area must reduce the lighting intensity, so that people's leisure, dining in a safe experience.


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