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Urban lighting interaction devices: Measurement and dissemination of urban flows

The dynamics of the device is driven by water waves, which are the most important contextual features of the project. The wave propagation and analogy panel rotation, is based on the flow characteristics in composition to microscopic things of the city. The device gathers individual urban events together to express the idea of flow.

Measurement and dissemination of urban flows

In order to emphasize two main ideas of the device: Measurement and communication of city flow, the panel can emit two color light according to the type of user input, one side of the panel is issued 8 horizontal direction of the red light, said electromagnetic field in this area, the white light illuminating the panel edge, reflect the people, after the car frequency. The intensity and frequency of the light signal changes with the traffic flow and the intensity of the surrounding electromagnetic field. The panel emphasized the concept of dynamic light, when defining the different flow input will produce different effects, such as pedestrians will stimulate slow rotation of the panel, but the amplitude is large, and a plurality of luminous panel, and when the car after it will lead to and plate rotation, but the amplitude is small, light the panel also reduced the number of.

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