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Three forces to accelerate the integration of LED industry reshuffle

In March 20th this year, the Ministry of finance, development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology organization of the "2012 semiconductor lighting products subsidies for domestic public tender promotion project" in Beijing, LED downlight, reflective to indoor lighting self ballasted LED lights, as well as for outdoor lighting LED lights, LED tunnel lights, nearly 300 bid on behalf of 110 companies from all over the country to participate in the bidding activities. National Development and Reform Commission made it clear.

Last year, the collapse of micro LED companies, has opened the Chinese LED industry reshuffle big screen. This year, the government raised the threshold of the purchase, IPO listed tide continues, industry standards have been introduced, such as the three factors will accelerate the process of LED industry reshuffle.

National Development and Reform Commission made it clear that in 2012 the Chinese government will spend 40 billion yuan for the purchase of LED street lamp, LED street users to provide financial subsidies of 30%.

In Guangdong Province, from March this year, all financial investment in the construction of the lighting project and new regional planning, will use LED in public lighting field, estimated that will bring hundreds of billions of market. Do not think that the government will "sprinkle pepper".

A participation in the March 20th tender of Guangdong entrepreneurs revealed that the country's bid to raise the threshold, such as products to have energy-saving certification. Guangdong province to enter the indoor lighting public works this year LED products were also bidding, bid the fluorescent lamp has been 3 enterprises, 3 enterprises downlight spotlights, 6 companies of the bulb and 22 companies. In the face of small and scattered pattern of the industry, the government began to recognize the need to support the strength of enterprises bigger and stronger.

More and more LED companies listed, will become another important force in industry consolidation. After years of development, the current total number of Listed Companies in the LED industry has been close to 40, is also listed in the queue is not a minority, is expected to be born with some international giants contend with the industry leader.

According to the Guangdong Provincial Association of lighting data, from 2010 to now, the completion of the share reform more than and 100 LED companies, the Pearl River Delta accounted for 51.5%; has listed the LED enterprises in Guangdong accounted for about 61.5%, including honglitronic, Chau Ming technology; and some listed, such as Shenzhen Jiawei shares, a year of export LED solar outdoor lamp 1 billion yuan, will be listed.

After the listing of LED companies, not only conducive to the establishment of a good brand image in the chaotic market, but also the use of capital means to acquire mergers and acquisitions, to strengthen their own, purify the market. Chau Ming Technology said that if you encounter a good project, does not rule out the possibility of acquisitions.

The strength of the third shares of integration, from the industry standards continue to improve. The National Standardization Management Committee held the day before the first working meeting of the leading group of semiconductor lighting standard, relates to the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of industry, Ministry of housing, the Ministry of Finance and other departments, which is the industry for the first time from the national level unified planning and deployment of semiconductor lighting standardization work, will start from the standard four aspects of semiconductor materials and equipment, device, light source and lighting and lighting applications and develop energy efficiency.

The Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology will also be released this week on the development of semiconductor lighting standards. Currently has a list of 130 standard items, LED companies can bid to participate in the revision of industry standards. It can be predicted that with the gradual improvement of industry standards, LED industry will bid farewell to the situation of cohabitation.

In the upcoming National Semiconductor Lighting "12th Five-Year" plan pointed out that by 2015, the semiconductor lighting industry will reach 500 billion yuan, cultivate leading enterprises, 40~50 enterprises innovative high-tech 20~30 furniture brands and independent intellectual property rights.

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