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Three advantages of the LED packaging process in the two package

Two package LED production process can bring the following advantages to LED products:

Three advantages of the LED packaging process in the two package

(1) consistency of product quality

The two packaging process adopts CNC production line equipment, to solve the problem of traditional artificial glue brought waterproofing product quality consistency is poor and short life-span, modern production equipment, to enhance the production capacity and ensure the consistency of the quality of the lamp.

(2) high waterproof performance of lamps and lanterns

By the Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision and Inspection Technology Research Institute, the national electric light source quality inspection center, the national lighting quality supervision and inspection center, Yong two power source system LED package protection level IP68 (the highest level, level of protection in the underwater light level).

(3) high stability of lamps

Solve the LED lamp in the outdoor use process due to water damage caused by lighting and engineering quality problems, so that the stable operation of LED large projects to achieve strong protection.


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