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The standard of LED derived in urgent need of the introduction of new regulations in China

LED industry standards on the sound of one after another, while there is no complete domestic LED industry standards, so China's various LED industry bases have introduced their own industry standards, and then add a lively above the lively. The industry questioned, there is no industry standard has been very terrible, and at the same time a number of LED industry standards that would be more terrible? Local industry standards, there is no way to meet the taste of the national LED industry, at least what other people to your standards?

Local LED industry standards stifle the vitality of existing LED market:

Regional standards of local standards. Standards will be more or less with local color, unable to meet the needs of the national or even global development of the industry, the ability to restrict the field of foreign enterprises to enter the local market, easily lead to local protectionism;

Scientific, two local standards. Restricted by the development level of technology and local industry, the standard gold content and development can not match the rapid development, which can easily lead to the development of technology;

, three enterprises to develop industry standards unreliable. The current LED industry standards in many places is organized by the spontaneous development of enterprises. And some enterprises even their own production standards are difficult to reach the standard, so that the development of industry standards can be a bit?

LEDinside: open LED industry standard although there are also conducive to the development of the industry, but if not up to the national level, authority and scientific standard is difficult to guarantee, because the standard itself is a mandatory color, no platform objective and easy to damage the industry development.

The real sense of the introduction of industry standards imminent:

Have frequently occurred accidents caused by LED products, on the front of a hotel in Hongkong took place by the outdoor LED display of fire accidents caused by the scene. Today may be caused by the LED display screen accident, tomorrow may be caused by LED lighting accident. No industry standards, what do we take to protect the lives and property of consumers, who is responsible for the safety of life and property of consumers?

No relevant industry labeling is not conducive to the healthy development of enterprises. R & D is LED manufacturing enterprises a required course, but there is no relevant industry standards, then what to guide the development of enterprises? Enterprises will be in the research and development of the fumble, the final outcome of the output to adapt to the market is still unknown?

Industry labeling to a certain extent to quell the LED market price war. Is the industry standard to promote enterprise development and product quality control, LED market will not appear the same product and the price difference looks mystery phenomenon. The strength of the small workshop is no longer possible to blindly pursue the price, profit and confuse the market.

LED industry standards need to consider the issue:

, is the standard setting must be based on the overall LED industry development needs, and the market benign development needs;

Two, meet the needs of enterprise and market development. LED companies in China a lot, but large and small uneven, and the development of standards to be filled

Taking into account the development needs of the majority of enterprises. And to be particularly suitable for those who really do a good job of products, adhere to the technology, quality enterprises! Standards should be able to encourage companies to do their own research and development of products, technology, brand building, etc.,

These are also conducive to the long-term development of the industry needs;

Three, it's not about the standard set of things, not individual companies make things more closed, not a government department head system

Set things. The establishment of industry standards, industry associations should be established, and should be elected by all the enterprises in the industry associations. And then study and research institutions and other relevant organizations to discuss research conducive to long-term LED industry

Required by the development of the system and norms, based on a set of industry standard draft, and then a small range of trial, and then adjust in the trial process, feasibility is very high and then carefully introduced, accompanied by the adjustment scheme and error correction

Program and other measures. But also supporting the electoral supervision organization, and the introduction of regulatory measures, regulatory systems and other related organizations and institutions, in order to really bring a good growth environment for the LED industry.


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