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The stage lighting tricks

In many TV and stage production, it is not hard to see the stage lighting engineers use different lighting effects, add more lively atmosphere for programming, and the lighting effects of many bright, is through the design of light caused by projection.

Design, however, can only through the color and design to make fixed lighting effects, but for some unique design effect such as the surging waves, Bridges, fierce fire, the sky white clouds, etc., then don't play, this for juicers, it has limited their creativity. Therefore, it is easy to believe that the market and development space, thus dynamic pattern piece of evolution to occur.

Having said that, only the dynamic pattern piece is not representative can make a unique design perfectly, it must cooperate to design, to the stage, create the most beautiful stage lighting.

The lighting effects: burning flame

Methods: spiral movement pattern piece + pattern number 176 or number 175.

Regardless of any motion pattern effect, its rotation speed and the image focus will be on the projection effect, so the necessary testing and set carefully. To make the effect of flames, you can add around 70% purple in color mixing system, and about 90% of yellow, that can produce a moving orange, yellow and red.

To consider the dynamic design of piece: oval movement pattern can make irregular movement, may also consider using a circular pattern.

Can consider the pattern of the piece: any standard fire design.

Lighting: the ripples in the water

Methods: radiate dynamic pattern piece + number 955 pattern piece pattern or no. 833, no. 958.

Can use slow, first make a calmer water effect; If you want to make more ripples, can replace a has a pattern of "wave" form, and use can make a rough water lines radiate dynamic design, or use elliptical motion design to make the irregular effect; Of course, to speed up the movement pattern of rotating speed, to enhance the effect of the irregular.

To consider the dynamic design of piece: rough and radiate dynamic design can make a torrent effect; Spiral movement patterns can add water effect.

To consider the dynamic design of piece: linear form 401, 402, 501, 402; The flower is aspersed form 882.

Lighting effects: floating clouds

Methods: the clouds form the dynamic design of piece + pattern design of no. 163, no. 163, no. 167 design, pattern design of no. 168, no. 168.

Baiyun manufacturing method is also related to the speed and focus: use a slow speed, can make the white clouds floating in the sky quietly, and fast speed, can make will be thick clouds of the thunder and heavy rain.

Can consider the pattern of the piece: can consider some not reticular pattern of clouds, the clouds can also according to want density and variety and selection design.

In general, to make the dynamic pattern and blend flawless, actually should pay attention to the following items:

1. The pattern choice

Choosing design is the most basic is the most important one annulus, because many interesting effects, is through changing the focal length.

2. The focus

The focal length of the calibration pattern piece to clear, actually cannot achieve the ideal effect of stage lighting, and mobile amplitude decreases, effect also is not very ideal; On the contrary, the dynamic design school to clear the focal length, you can have more movements, but the pattern will disappear, and precise casting quality and moving direction, will also be affected by the focus, therefore, to achieve the ideal lighting effects, carefully study the focal length is very important, pay special attention to this aspect.

3. The direction of the mobile

Dynamic design of flexible system installation, can through the DMX 512 signal control, and it set at any point of view, for example: available lateral movement, to create the effect of the white clouds floating in the air; Or use straight to the mobile, make up the flame, even is the torrential rain, etc. In addition, some is not straight to or lateral movement pattern effect, you can try to switch to horizontal or vertical channel, even turn motion pattern piece to the opposite direction to make the effect. Moreover, also can be controlled by DMX, determine the dynamic wheel rotation mode, rather than continuously make rotation, this to do project in font or trademark is particularly useful.

Speed of 4.

Although the speed of movement pattern piece will influence the effect of projection, but also to pay attention to design and dynamic design pills itself design, too tight or too thin to effect also will have an effect.

5. Color

The lamps and lanterns of choose stocks CMY color mixture system, dynamic pattern projection round the effect can achieve smooth color change, change will have more choice, the refraction of light beam, the system will also make a color gradient, the effect of the dynamic patterns have stereo feeling more.

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