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The role of urban lighting planning

Modern urban lighting is the combination of functional lighting and landscape lighting. Functional lighting is to meet the needs of people's lives, the necessary lighting conditions; landscape lighting is based on economic and social development on the basis of people's pursuit of deeper beauty and exploration. For example, the landscape lighting and architectural lighting on the square, the main purpose is to meet the aesthetic needs of people and the improvement of the overall image of the city. Urban lighting planning includes two parts: functional lighting planning and landscape lighting planning. The requirements and emphases of the two part are different. The function is the foundation of city lighting lighting, landscape lighting planning task is to guide the city landscape lighting construction, complete the construction of the overall structure of the city landscape lighting, so as to improve the quality, to beautify the city landscape lighting city. The main task of city lighting planning is a comprehensive study of the nature of the city, the development of regional culture and the location, size and spatial form, according to the distribution characteristics of natural and humanistic landscape city, overall arrangement of city lighting art style and lighting level, handle the relationship between the long-term development and recent construction of city lighting, guide the harmonious and orderly construction and the development, and provide the corresponding legal basis. City planning involves many aspects, so the construction of city lighting, city lighting planning must be under the guidance of the overall city planning principles, according to landscape features, each region of the city of light environment and human visual characteristics of optical elements, considering the influence of all kinds of lighting, city lighting control system framework is proposed, through appropriate control of light and the color of the reasonable layout, effectively control and guide the construction of city lighting. Source: Internet reprinted aims to deliver more information, does not represent the agree with their views and be responsible for its authenticity. If you have any objection please contact 1553190422


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