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The place such as ballroom slow rock stage lighting design

The amount can be on the stage and dance floor lens scanning amount and shook his head in the amount of hand in photograph reflect, or group to use at the same time, according to the environment and the singing and dancing (slow, fast) of the different needs, edit program, to create a different atmosphere 
According to the night club, DISCO, dance hall, slow rock, and the use of venues such as KTV requirements, on the design of the light we made comprehensive consideration: 
Part one, stage: 
Behind the table in front of the mouth and stage USES the PAR 64 (silver aluminum alloy shell, quality of a material is good) spotlight, Taiwan imported light source with wide beam in front of the mouth, uniform lighting, as the surface light; Behind the stage of using secondary beams of light source, to the table in front of the projection beam, a backlight, stage at the top to set a top light, in this way, the stage of basic stage is simply a uniformly illuminated light enough, by adding color paper, programming, go light changes such as different colour atmosphere, to match the different needs of the cabaret. Using the United States imported light source, high reliability, often do not need to change, also won't appear as well as the light bulb burst of usage. 
In addition, we in the middle of the stage and back facade configuration on the high amount of scanning. 
Using LP97 glass rotation design, three sides of a prism, five lens or TECHNOBEAM three-dimensional modelling art on the stage of the project an unusually large spot, spot the transformation of free flap from time to time in the beautiful graphics, through the lens scanning, graphics from the inside out, from low to high back, and the beam cascading divides the back facade, colour profusion, face all kinds of model is constructed in the air. Plus entablature shook his head on the amount of (LP 69 GENIUS/Italy. Jane li, is hanging in the mouth can also be placed on the ground on both sides of the stage), due to its rotation Angle free, no dead Angle beam scanning, can take care of the stage and the surrounding light is needed, so, in the before, during and backcourt mutual echo, juicers in good level of the hardware, can give full play to, to make various special effects scene, can satisfy the demands of stage performances, activities. 
At the same time, the amount can be on the stage and dance floor lens scanning amount and shook his head in the amount of hand in photograph reflect, or group to use at the same time, according to the environment and the singing and dancing (slow, fast) of the different needs, edit program, to create a different atmosphere. Its design through art editor, can reach more than dozens, hundreds, color (full color, a color) variety, extremely rich color combination, the stroboscopic effects can cooperate with the fast pace of the tune enhance move feeling, the white light can be used in the spotlight. In conclusion, through the flexible use of amount, can follow one's inclinations of the stage and tone of the hall, is to characterize, foil atmosphere, to meet various requirements (singing and dancing, opusculum, disco dance, fashion SHOW, etc.) the best method of use. 
Second, the floor USES the effect of different pieces of lamps and lanterns: 
A. amount: using more than just the lens scanning amount (GENIUS/Italy. Jane li LP 78), its characteristic is performance is very stable, the color is more bright, and do well in the dance floor, shaking her head amount (GRIVEN/Italy. Base Finn GR 422: modelling beautiful, good optical output, flare, full functions, such as UV effects and glass design and prism rotation effect) cooperate or used alone, the dance floor in the atmosphere to A climax. 
B. the flying saucer central lamp (GRIVEN/Italy. Base Finn GR 500) : on the dance floor, compared with other brands, advocate the lamp, the lamp light body thin and cross-sectional area is big, pickup effect is sensitive, quiet motor running, built-in multiple programs, change with the rhythm of the music program, also change light beam, light cover a very large area, so more than one light can play the role of the lamp, and lanterns, rotating tunnel lights and other lights etc, can be used to slow; With stroboscope, amount of matching can be used to fast music. At ordinary times, the amount is not opened, can also be used independently, 
C. effect lights, lanterns: rolling the tube, lanterns, in accordance with the lantern, lantern effect design is diverse, such as dozens of beam of light pour down, on the surface of the uniform cloth, such as the stars, or all kinds of flowers everywhere, and do other beautiful graphics, in a twinkling of an eye after a little smoke, air spinning color yellowing or mixed or parallel light beam, excellent results. Lanterns and rotating tunnel lanterns and slow turning month (you can add the color of all sorts of color paper) can form the aura of carefree flap and radiant, the perfect collocation of dance music is slow dance or rising and falling. 
D. spotlights AR 56 system silver aluminum alloy shell, quality of a material is very good, plus color paper group after use, can be used as basic dance floor light and can walk to the lamp, the atmosphere to produce different effect. 
Spotlight etc dimmer and other processing, can be due to the possibility of performance, also configure the range hood and other special effect equipment. In addition, still configured with strong lighting equipment, such as for performances and discos effects. Lamp control equipment also have certain allowance, for future adjustments to add equipment. 
All in all, this design on the selection of lamps and lanterns, considering the needs of using function, both in terms of the reliable stability of lamps and lanterns again carefully selected, chooses the lamps and lanterns of optical output effect is good, change is rich and stable performance, and very novel, such as: the use of moving head light, lens barrel roll change such as lanterns lanterns and rotating tunnel is extremely rich, the effect is before or other similar lamps and lanterns can't achieve, therefore, they are all very good price performance ratio of operations optimization of lamps and lanterns. 

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