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The new technique of interior lighting design -- the choice of light source color

Interior lighting design, the choice of the color of the light source should attach great importance to. When there are special requirements for the color identification of the work piece, the light source with the appropriate color characteristics should be chosen. When this kind of work piece occupies only a small part of the room, we can use the local lighting to achieve this requirement, while the rest of the ordinary light source for general lighting.

Under normal circumstances, in addition to meet the needs of the work, the color and color of the light source should also be compatible with the type of room. In particular, with the purpose of the use of the room and the room color match. The color of the work piece is more accurate, but it is not easy to evaluate the color environment to produce a pleasant and satisfying effect.

In the general industrial production workshop, especially the heavy industry production, the simple visual work place to the light source color request does not have to be excessively high. On the contrary, in interior design, such as shops, schools, hotels and special requirements of the office of interior decoration, light and room color is particularly important. Sometimes choose a high color rendering of the light source to make the design more economical and reasonable. On the color and color rendering of light sources, see Chapter second.

At present, the standard value of illumination in our country is not high enough, but it should be taken into account in the design. If the illumination is low and the color temperature is too high, the room is monotonous and cold. We often find in the hotel, in the dark restaurant often choose low color temperature incandescent lamp or candle (color temperature is 1925K), give people a warm and cordial feeling and welcome.

If parts of the room often subject to sunlight, artificial lighting source of the selected color to match with Yao natural light very good, generally with color light source more than 4000K as well.

In the lighting design, if there is no special requirements, according to the illumination value to select the color temperature of the light source. On the relationship between illuminance and color temperature, illuminance values in the table is obviously higher, choose the warm light in the illumination grab 5001x, while Australia is recommended 3001x illumination below the temperature below 3500K the warm light. In our country, for now, the general office and school classrooms and other places illuminance standard value of 501x. Therefore, in accordance with the habit in our country is better than the value of this light and then choose a low color temperature light source.

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