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The lighting design project of Goteborg North River port town of Sweden: V by straEriksberg residential area

Located in the Goteborg river north of Sweden metro project by straEriksberg V residential area shows a historical transformation of industrial zones to modern residential area. Lighting design practice team Ljusarkitektur won the bid and was commissioned to implement their design ideas, with the light of the old story and new areas linked. For more than a century, this area has been a shipyard until the 1979 economic crisis. Alvstranden, a government run company Utveckling, has been struggling to transform it into a residential area.

V by straEriksberg residential area

The main idea is to show the history, and to connect it with the current situation and the user. The design emphasizes the contrast between history and the development of the times, and can also be transformed into a contrast between machines and people. The concept of lighting is to show the status quo of waterfront, and to show the different landscape and scale in the industrial area.

V by straEriksberg residential area

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