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The design master how to play the spiritual beauty of lamps

Said Umut Yamac after 80 is an architect, his intelligence and creativity, likes to use familiar things in design as the prototype, and seemingly conflicting elements, through clever confluence balanced unification, to form interactive design work with the surrounding environment, become a spiritual entity.
Like the "Perch Light lamp, is a bird that shine! It is the representative work of Yamac, this bird has attracted the eyes of the world, has won many international awards. The people are very familiar with the modelling of birds into his design, selection of paper and brass is genius. Paper fold the body of a bird, the bird mouth and tail with brass, yiqing, between a heavy, a soft one just makes the bird whole in the delicate balance state, slightly touch, or even a breeze through, can let the bird gently swaying, whole space because it and live up.
This is part of the bird lamp decorated in light bulbs, electrode, brass and birds origami carefully constructed, and the overall line smoothly, no extra heavy and complicated, extremely rich natural spirituality. Lamp holder part is divided into the wall and floor, can adapt to the use of more scenes. Whether bedroom, porch, or study, there was a luminous elf, low-key all not line?
Poul Henningsen (Paul han ningsen that) may be called is the home side galeries lafayette. He put forward the indoor lighting need humanized lighting, no glare of light and atmosphere of the build. In 1924, han ningsen that the lamp of the PH value of the classic was born, and in Paris and won highly international fair gold medal, get the reputation of "lights" in Paris. He spent his life adhere to the "Paris lamp" subtle design principles, design more than 40 kinds of PH of lamps and lanterns, to adapt to different lighting requirements.
Is enduring Paris lamp after 60 years, it not only meet the lighting, create a more amazing beautiful gentle atmosphere. People still talked excitedly about, become a legend in the history of light. So, just where the mystery of the PH lamp?
Pinecone droplight. PH in the family has a pinecone lamp, lamp as the name implies, much like a big pine cones, it consists of 72 leaves by hand. So that we can make all the light source the light reflection, refraction to change at least one direction after irradiation area, generating soft light source, achieve 360 degrees, no glare, to achieve uniform illumination.
After blade of shade, from any Angle can't see the light source of light, have the effect of the eye from burns. Vane chimney design, make the light only diffused through the edge of the natural, make whole space soft environment harmony, avoid the light close on far darker shade visual difference; Incandescent lamp spectrum for the light color compensation, in order to obtain more pleasant sense of light. Set in the gentle and graceful beauty one, put it in the hall immediately to promote the class a few, really want to put a piece of music, pull personal dance!
Modern PH droplight. PH light beautiful modelling is the direct reflection of these design essence, this just underscores the han ningsen that based on the illumination of scientific theory to design of lamps and lanterns, perfect unity of science and technology and art design.

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