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The LED indoor lighting business from the beginning

Since the first commercial LED the market in the 1960 s, LED has been used for more than 40 years in the indoor commercial lighting. In the early development of the indoor commercial lighting, from cognition to adopt, after a long walk. With the development of modern commercial, LED lights used in more and more industries, indoor commercial lighting as the development of the essential elements, indoor lighting field to become recognized as an important aspect for the future development of the LED. 
Application in indoor lighting, LED lights are mainly concentrated in the field of commercial lighting, such as supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels and other places of business, for the use of lighting products for a long time, a conservative estimate from eight in the morning to half past ten in the evening, at least fourteen hours using lighting time. From the top of the world's Taipei 101 tower, to the best luxury dubai sailing hotel; From the most famous Australia Hilton Hotel, guangzhou white swan hotel to sweet and comfortable; From the solemn gloom of the great hall of the people in China, to the modern architecture classic malmo, Sweden rotating tower; From the international famous brand large supermarket carrefour, wal-mart, trust-mart, auchan, etc., to large domestic chain, gome, suning, vanguard, rt mart... In which LED indoor commercial lighting products shine, yi yi is unripe brightness. LED Lantern Festival to environmental protection, long service life, multi-purpose wait for a characteristic, popular with large public buildings, offices and hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets and other places of business, so the LED indoor lighting market demand. 
It is reported that 2011 international LED indoor and commercial lighting (Shanghai) exhibition as a professional indoor lighting industry exhibition in September 21-23, 2011 Shanghai world expo theme pavilions wonderful release, this exhibition is by Shanghai association of lighting industry, Asia building technology alliance association and jointly organized by Hong Kong hong wei exhibition group. The development of the industry, with many factors, of which the essential is the propaganda and promotion. The development of the new era, the promotion of all kinds, a new form of the most effective the most direct form of promotion of the exhibition. From LED commercial lighting related enterprises, designers, experts in September together with dealers together in the exhibition hall, showing excellent product, the design scheme, a classic case, information exchange and trade cooperation, which will surely will be LED to promote a positive impact in the field of commercial lighting. 
LED has been widely used in city night view lighting, if you can make a breakthrough in the field of commercial lighting, show its advantages of energy saving, durable, and thus gradually develop a vast space of indoor lighting, LED lighting will enter the ordinary people. Hope the LED indoor lighting industry can bring new opportunity to LED indoor lighting. 

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