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Systematization of lighting elements

The main factors of lighting, visual object and face their relationship between the light-emitting surface and visual stimuli and visual effects in table 1.21 - 11 is still in the office for example, for each visual object, according to the influence of visual stimuli and visual effects are those results are shown in table 1.3tsl larger elements. From the point of view of the actual lighting planning, the adjustment is usually based on each physical condition. In order to be able to be together to discuss the effect of physical conditions on various visual objects, in contrast to table 1.3, these lighting elements according to every common psychological and physical factors, the influence of visual object on the main list, tidying up after see table 1.4.

The table also lists the elements has an important influence on the visual object, including whether they are related to indoor lighting standard, lighting standard and whether it has other major recommendation, and relevant chapters will appear together in person. List of lighting elements see (chapter second) of the order, in addition to part of the common cable, how much confusion. It is not based on the visual object to distinguish, but according to the physical conditions of lighting to distinguish, so that more convenient to express the order of important visual objects.

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