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Stunning! Feel the world's only seven star hotel psychedelic night lighting

BurjAl-Arab hotel is located in Dubai, a luxury as the acme of perfection of the hotel, the hotel built on a man-made island on the beach, is a boat shaped tower building, a total of 56 layers, 321 meters high, designed by British designer W.S.Atkins. Recently, Xiao Bian accident was the only seven star hotel in the world - Dubai BurjAl-Arab Hotel (commonly known as Lugger Hotel) night lighting design real map. Xiao Bian is not privately share with the WeChat platform, then pushed to you, for you. Nonsense, dry goods! Evening in Dubai Lugger Hotel, magnificent. Close to the Middle East rich exotic beauty of the hotel for the hotel added a lot of bright color, just right, a word: the United states! Each suite has one or more PFX-32 dimming control systems that control the lighting in each room. The largest suite installed five systems, a total of 160 lighting control channels. Each room is equipped with a Futronix desk lamp controller, belonging to a part of the scene dimming system. The scene in each room can be selected from the control panel. In addition, table lamp brightness can be set separately. In the bedroom, the bed on both sides of the control panel is exquisite. These features also create a "lead to the toilet" effect. When the guest is going to the bathroom at night, just press a button on the bottom plate. The nearest table lamp will gradually become bright, and the lighting system in the room can guide the guests to the bathroom and bathroom. The dimmer cabinet, which controls all floor lighting, is linked together and can be operated by a custom graphical interface. The interior of the hotel, under the backdrop of an extremely luxurious light, is full of orange, exotic, Middle Eastern fantasy.

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