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Structure analysis of high pressure pump lamp

High pressure pump lamp structure is divided into two types of transparent and coated phosphor. High pressure mercury lamp structure as shown in figure.

High-pressure mercury lamp high-pressure mercury vapor glass inner surface is coated with fluorescent powder discharge lamp, which is characterized by high light efficiency (35? 411 - W) and long service life, vibration resistance is good, but the color index is low. The lamp can be used for indoor and outdoor lighting, such as streets, squares, stations, docks, construction sites and tall buildings.

The utility model relates to a self ballasted fluorescent high pressure mercury lamp, which is a composite light source which simultaneously uses three kinds of luminous elements of mercury discharge tube, tungsten wire and fluorescent substance. Tungsten wire is used as ballast, so it is convenient to use. The utility model can be used for indoor and outdoor lighting in squares, streets, workshops, construction sites, etc.. But the light effect is low, the color rendering index R. For 38 a 40, power consumption is also more, life shortened by filament, thus limiting the scope of its use.

Ultraviolet high pressure mercury lamp used for special purpose, such as medical Slide Show. High pressure mercury lamp in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared region of radiation, about 17% of the visible light, light efficiency than incandescent and fluorescent lamps, but the color is not good.

The utility model is characterized in that the tungsten filament and the discharge tube are connected in series, and the utility model can be made into a high-pressure mercury lamp with a ballast, and the utility model has the advantages of no external ballast, convenient use, but light effect and long service life.

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