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Six advantages of LED lighting

Six advantages of LED lighting:

First, green environmental protection, no pollution, no UV, infrared and thermal radiation, is the real green light;

Two, high efficiency, energy saving, low power consumption of 90%, just ordinary household lighting incandescent 1/15 power consumption;

Three, health care eye: LED lighting are low-voltage DC drive, no stroboscopic, no glare, uniform brightness, lighting effect is closer to natural light in the visual;

Four, no radiation, low voltage DC drive without any electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic radiation has been listed as the world's top fourth public nuisance;

Five, long service life, LED lighting in the correct voltage and environment for the use of time for at least 80000 hours or more, is 100 times that of ordinary incandescent lamp life, and the LED package is tight, impact resistance, not easy to be destroyed by outside forces, without fear of accidental damage;

Six, adequate lighting, LED lighting instantaneous start, and to achieve the rated luminous flux and no switching loss, to meet a variety of lighting needs.

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