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Shop Lighting skills

First, the product display lighting design

With the light irradiation, the goods become more attractive, for customers, the lights played a guiding role. In other words, the purpose of the mall lighting can be divided into two aspects: first, for the goods, the two is for customers.

For commodities, the main purpose of lighting is:

Enhance the color and texture of the goods after the irradiation of light, such as warm light irradiation in the warm colors of goods, goods can enhance the color effect, through glass or shiny objects reflected light, and add more delicate and noble commodity;

Emphasize the commodity characteristics: after the projection beam is carefully designed, making goods and background separation, resulting in the sense of space; in addition, the shade is expressive, it can create a special foil atmosphere, make the goods to reach the final purpose of interpretation of the connotation, display.

For customers, the purpose of lighting is:

To attract the attention of customers: when the goods cannot stand out from the surrounding environment, the light can play its role, for example: the use of brightness, color contrast, can make the customer focus on the specific goods, so as to achieve the vision guided by.

Improve the affinity of goods: through the light irradiation, the product will produce a soft, warm feeling, so that customers get psychological euphoria, and then produce a good impression on the goods, so that the desire to buy.

1, the appropriate lighting

The characteristics of the goods are different, the way of lighting should also be changed, so as to achieve the targeted lighting. Commonly used lighting methods are mainly the following:

Direct and semi direct lighting: direct light intensity, high efficiency, easy to form a clear shadow, therefore, the contrast is strong, is a kind of dynamic lighting, the best effect of shiny goods.

The utility model has the advantages of low lighting efficiency, soft light, and small contrast, and can be used for the construction of a light, soothing or hazy and gentle tone, which is suitable for the goods with elegant style and the like.

2, different color temperature light source

Different light source with different color temperature, such as: incandescent lamp for warm light, suitable for warm color products; and fluorescent light, can make the white and cold tone of the goods more personality. Therefore, the use of different lamps, through human regulation, can create a different atmosphere to make it cool or warm.

3, lighting design principles

The visual effect of commodity is outstanding, it is simple and effective lighting means. The choice of lighting equipment should pay attention to lighting effect and energy saving principle. In lighting design should pay attention to the following points:

On the wall of illumination should be improved, but the other part is to reduce the wall surface of the background color is outstanding, can fully demonstrate the individuality and characteristics of goods; lighting design should fully consider the customer, strong lighting easy to make eye fatigue, should be avoided; Zhao Mingqiang stores that reflect the degree of taste, the more advanced the mall the light is soft; high intensity lighting is not equal to the effective lighting, therefore, should be designed according to the needs of the visual display of goods.

Two, window lighting

Window lighting is designed for pedestrians and, therefore, the brightness of the window must be 2~4 times higher than the store.

The window lighting not only have beauty, contrast, also must carry on the commodity enhanced vision and atmosphere so that can be used under the lamps, chandeliers and other decorative lighting, the lighting level clear and expressive; at the same time, the average brightness should avoid single, and should adopt the "Sui adjustable lighting; in addition, with the in different seasons the merchandising, should pay attention to the coordination of color temperature lighting.

Three, walls, pillars lighting

The degree of illumination required by the rack wall cabinet is 1.5 to 2 times that of the store. Display rack from top to bottom, each layer requires the same brightness, therefore, should use the fluorescent lamp between layers. Some stores need to use the spotlight to make up the brightness. As for the walls of the display, you can use the bracket lights or spotlights, in order to increase the value of goods.

Wall display cabinet lighting, the use of thin tube fluorescent lamp, the top of the spotlight to provide auxiliary light, usually can achieve the desired results.

If so, the store pillars, you should use the bracket lamp and chandelier is used as the light source, if the display, display the use of space around the post, causing the best lighting effect has certain dark contrast, if the pillars of the upper and lower brightness, will cause the mediocre, monotonous effect.

The low ceiling is suitable for use under the light, otherwise it will make the dim light, cause depression; decoration show Taiwan green lawn, bright and beautiful, if the use of lighting spotlights, will be showing a life; fluorescent lamp should be installed in the shelf, making its goods in legible, and uniform illumination; display cabinets should be used in thin tube fluorescent lamp, can highlight the soft effect; the wall surface of the display shelves have enough light, the commodity is outstanding.


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