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Share of national key cultural relic building lighting engineering: Imperial College

Only 0.36km2 of Guozijian street, Confucian Temple, Imperial College, there are 4 arches, fire temple, Zhaobi, dismount Monument and other national key cultural relic building. They are not only the core of heritage Ancient Chinese Literature Search of traditional culture, but also a symbol of the Imperial College Street lighting. The characteristics of the ancient Kam unhistorical buildings are all dry, avoid placement of lighting device, it is difficult lighting installation method can't avoid.

In view of the characteristics of ancient cultural relic protection, all the buildings are arranged to prevent lighting device

The erection of the lamp holder forms due to loss of the original landscape and the imperial day were excluded. Will not touch the two principles of the form of lighting only buried lights, thus the quality of the lighting of the underground lamp put forward high requirements. By comparison, iGuzzini's products are selected.

The day of the Imperial College

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