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Safety knowledge of electrical components

Electrical product safety certification knowledge

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1, electrical product safety certification knowledge

Governments in most countries, especially developed countries, have enacted laws to protect the interests of consumers in order to protect the interests of consumers

All of the products involved in safety, health, environmental protection, electromagnetic interference and other projects are directly or indirectly required to implement compulsory certification. For example, in the EU countries require all electrical products must meet CE. This means

For our products (lamps), the local standards must be met before they can enter the market. In order to reduce risk, manufacturers, middlemen (exporters and importers) and retailers generally choose the first

Three party agencies or the official designated testing department for testing and certification, access to the corresponding certificate or license to mass production and sales.

More common product certification are: China CCC (formerly the Great Wall certification), the European Union CE, the United States UL, Canada CSA, Japan JET/PSE, etc..

Common signs are as follows:

SASO international conformity certification program (ICCP) is organized by Saudi standards (SASO) since 1995 the first implementation of a comprehensive plan to include provisions on product conformity assessment, pre shipment inspection and certification of, to ensure full compliance with Saudi product standards of imports of goods before shipment.

The CE logo is a common European market security mark, a product that claims to comply with EU directives. Using the CE logo is a mandatory requirement for EU members to sell products. At present, the EU has issued 12 categories of products, mainly toys, low-voltage electrical appliances, medical equipment, telecommunications terminals (telephone), automatic weighing, electromagnetic compatibility, machinery, etc..

FCC is the Federal Communications Commission, it requires compulsory certification of electromagnetic interference of all sales in the United States on the market of electronic products, FCC certification is therefore the federal regulations must obtain certification.

UL is the Underwriters Laboratories in the United States, it is an internationally recognized safety inspection and UL certification authority, the electrical and mechanical equipment, including electrical products issued by the security guarantee mark. Part of the UL security standards adopted by the U.S. government as a national standard. Products to market the United States market, UL certification mark is an indispensable condition.

GS is a German safety certification mark,

It is a European certification mark issued by the Department of labor of the German Department of labor for the sale of products around the world by a special TUV body. Although the GS logo is not mandatory legal requirements, but it does in the product failure

By accident, the manufacturer is strictly in Germany (Europe) product safety law, so the GS logo is a powerful marketing tool to enhance customer confidence and desire to buy, usually GS certified product sales

The sale price is higher and more popular.

Food and drug administration, FDA. Under the DHHS department, for 3 types of electronic products for human safety control: 1, laser class electronic products; 2, microwave electronic products; 3, X ray electronic products.

FDA is one of the compulsory certification of the United States, the United States and the United States to enter the customs of the three categories of electronic products must obtain FDA approval and authorization.

CB system is the International Electrotechnical Commission (IECEE) established a global system of mutual recognition,

There are 34 countries in the world's 45 certification bodies to participate in the system of mutual recognition, the organization of the Member States and member agencies are expanding. Enterprises from one of the certification bodies to obtain CB certificate, you can easily convert

Certification certificate of other institutions, thus obtaining access to relevant national market. The member states of the CB system include all of China's major exports of electromechanical products: the United States, Japan, Western Europe, northern Europe, Poland, Russia

China, ASEAN, South Africa, Australia and new zealand.

CSA is a Canadian Standards Association founded in 1919,

Is the first Canadian non-profit organization to develop industrial standards. In the North American market sales of electronics, electrical appliances and other products need to obtain security certification. CSA is currently Canada's largest security certification body

Is one of the world's most famous security certification bodies

. It can provide safety certification for all types of machinery, building materials, electrical appliances, computer equipment, office equipment, environmental protection, medical fire safety, sports and entertainment, etc.. CSA has been offered to thousands of companies worldwide

Certification services, every year there are hundreds of products with CSA logo in the North American market.

Common certification marks are as follows:

Lamps and lanterns products common danger:

1) mechanical hazards

2) electrical hazards

3) overheat / fire

4) ultraviolet radiation

Lamps safety international standard: IEC60598-1, IEC60598-2- series

EU safety standards: EN60598-1, EN60598-2- series

China National Standard: GB7000 series

American Standard: UL153 (portable lamp), UL1598 (fixed lamp)

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