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Romantic interior space needs light to create

The design of the case is based on Neoclassical style, elegance and harmony are synonymous with the neoclassical style. The design not only meet the functional layout, but also to meet the modern new noble aesthetic and cultural needs, reflects the new ideas of modern warm in the enjoyment of the people, can let a person produce the feeling of belonging and comfort, combining modern romantic and nostalgic life demand, luxurious elegance and fashion compatible with the modern, reflect after the industrial era personalized aesthetics and cultural taste. With the classic beige, brown color with the master, with its elegant posture, gentle and rich connotation of the spirit, set off the master bedroom elegant aristocratic breath. Each space is introduced to the design of dynamic and comfortable elements, the spatial relations are shown in place. Therefore, the decoration of the new classical style, so in the light of the design of the use of wall lamps, chandeliers, spotlights, back light, desk lamp. These lights can transform color, rich shape, create a romantic atmosphere of the first floor of the entire space. Living room light source to diffuse lighting, the use of different upper and lower lighting lamps, supplemented by regional spotlights, back light source, so that the living room becomes comfortable and flexible. The living room is the center of people's daily life, rich and varied activities in the living room, such as conversation, reading, visiting, watching TV, listening to music, etc.. Therefore, in light of the need to have flexible, changing characteristics. People in a long time, can adopt uniform lighting and astigmatism (chandelier and reflective); when watching TV, can be used in weak lighting behind the seats; reading, in the left rear is arranged above the light source; paintings, sculpture and other available bonsai, projection lamp irradiation, to strengthen the interior decoration and the atmosphere. The bar area of the wine set inside the spotlight will have a special effect, so that the inside of the jewelry and wine is more colorful. In the dining room lighting design, lamp are not isolated, but at the same time using the chandelier, wall lamp, lamp, floodlight, through the systematic use of different lamps to show the charm of the restaurant, the owner during the meal mood, appetite. Light can be hidden, but the lamp can be exposed, tangible, intangible are art. Either way, the overall shape must be coordinated and unified, which is the original intention of the case lighting design. Source: Internet reprinted aims to deliver more information, does not represent the agree with their views and be responsible for its authenticity. If you have any objection please contact 1553190422

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