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Road lighting power supply should have what protection?

LED lighting technology development today, the overall performance of LED optical module has been fairly stable, directly affects the reliability of lighting service life is the key to the power driven, data show that LED has more than 70% outdoor lighting fault factor is a power failure or instability caused by. At the same time, but also a number of outdoor lighting LED lighting enterprises to focus on the layout and the competition field, but the outdoor lighting application environment due to the presence of thunderstorm weather, summer heat and winter cold and other natural and inevitable phenomenon, compared to the indoor environment is more complex, so the power driven reliability requirements are more stringent. In view of the indoor environment is more harsh outdoor environment, outdoor lighting products of the driving power supply with what kind of protection?

The largest manufacturer of communication power supply in Hangzhou Heng electrical Limited by Share Ltd (Stock Code: 002364) investment in power supply in constant paive, manufacturing has more than 20 years experience of outdoor power supply protection design and fine manufacturing are more ahead, the reporter learned that a good driver should have the main outdoor lighting the following protection:

1, lightning protection ability. As everyone knows, the outdoor climate lightning does great harm to the power, there are usually several direct lightning, thunder, lightning and other types of transmission, and the lightning is the most common, the power failure is also the largest, tend to produce even higher voltage 4KV. Good power supply should have good lightning protection, and comply with the relevant national design standards (GB/T 17626.5, the standard equivalent to IEC-61000-4-5, the provisions of the differential mode compression 2KV, common mode compression 4KV). Lightning prone areas based on the climate characteristics, the constant wave power supply lightning protection design is usually higher than the national standard, the differential compression in 4KV compression in 6KV mode. Of course, in addition to lightning protection design of integrated power, some special lightning intensive areas, lighting users can also refer to the IEC61643-1 or EN61643-11 standards in the lighting transmission front connected with independent lightning protector effect will be better.

2, high temperature and cold resistant ability. The outside temperature in some areas can reach 50 DEG C, while the lowest is generally low to minus 30 DEG C, ring temperature which requires power must have a wide range of constant power paive through carefully selected material and excellent heat dissipation design, work in a wide range of -40 DEG to +70 DEG C, ensure product reliability, stable performance.

3, waterproof ability. The market power is waterproof and waterproof although one word, but the protection ability vary greatly, protection grade rain only requires IP65, which requires IP67 waterproof protection level, means that even if the power supply is immersed in water, also can be used safely, can avoid humidity, salt fog effect on PCB and components in the power supply line. The constant power supply adopts paive dosing technology, fully meet the IP67 rating, the power to prevent moisture or salt fog effect caused by respiratory failure, while the thermal conductivity of special packing materials can also very good, can help to supply heat, potting process although the increase in cost, but the product is reliable, can prevent post quality problems.

In addition, the power over temperature protection, over-voltage protection, under voltage protection, short circuit protection, and even excessive power protection is also essential.


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