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Residential lighting design lamps selection skills

The use of residential lighting lamps should be easy installation and maintenance, and energy saving, commonly used in the following categories: one is embedded lamps; two ceiling lamps; three is the track installation of lamps; four is the five lamp; wall lamp; the six is the table lamp, floor lamp; seven is building structural lighting device. The utility model relates to a lighting device which is embedded with a lamp or a building structure. Fluorescent lamp.

1 the general staff of the general residential lighting workers bedroom, living room and more active chandelier lighting, that is, the use of chandeliers and PVC hoses to protect the free movement of the chandelier, as shown in figure 5-8. The total length of wire is the vertical line activities after elongation of not less than 0 SM away from the lamp shall prevail. The pendant lamp can be used according to the purpose, in different time to adjust the light in a range of positions. As a result of thousands of households have a variety of living habits and hobbies, so the bedroom, bedroom ceiling parts should be left with hooks, in order to modify the household fluorescent lamps, hanging lanterns, ceiling fans, etc..

Ordinary workers residential kitchen lighting should adopt fixed pendant lamp, lamp from Zm, line is not long, but because of the small kitchen area slightly mobile can adapt to the needs of different tenants. Dirt by hanging lamp also facilitate cleaning, increase the brightness in the kitchen. Toilet bath room should be set above the washbasin wall lamp, the height should be considered above the mirror box.

On the installation of lighting sockets, should consider the needs of local lighting and household appliances. In the bedroom and living room should be set up on both sides of the long wall of a set of sockets, each group of sockets, both two pass and three pass, in order to meet the requirements of the use of electrical appliances. In the wall may be installed at the washing machine, should be equipped with a switch to the ground socket, its height should be 1.2m, and the use of security.

Typical two bedroom households lighting and socket layout, as shown in figure 5-9. Residential lighting switch should choose the pull type. The utility model is characterized in that the utility model is a self extinguishing type.

2 senior residential lighting senior residential room more, with a bedroom, a living room, children's room, living room, study room, restaurant, kitchen and bathroom, bathroom, lighting design should be according to the use function and the required environment consideration.

Bu Shiyi to create a quiet and comfortable lighting effects, you can set the combination of dome light and wall lamp lighting, wall lighting can also be set. When setting the dome light, it should not be placed on the head of the person lying in bed. Wall position should be located in the wall of the bed and dresser. According to the bedroom furniture layout, should be set on the table and floor lamp. In order to reach the soft and comfortable atmosphere of light, the utility model can be used with a white glass cover. The lamp switch should be dimming, this time can no longer set the night with the footlights.

The living room has multiple functions, and is also used for most people, it should be set to the top phase of general lighting dimming. The other according to the arrangement of the furniture design table lamp or floor lamp, in order to make the most of their own people at the same time casual activities without disturbing others. The bright part of the light source should not be reflected on the screen of the TV set. In order to meet the needs of the living room function, as much as possible to set lighting in all the walls, so that at any time and can be inserted with short shift connection lamps or appliances.

Children's room is used as a study room and children's living room, the lighting should make the room with a bright and warm atmosphere. Due to the changes in the age of the children's learning and living changes are more significant, so in the installation of lamps, sockets settings need to consider the needs of different periods

The living room is a special room for the reception of guests, and its lighting should be helpful to meet with friends and relatives when the harmony of the gas, but also with the decoration and furnishings to choose the elegant or gorgeous lamps. The focus of decorative parts, works of art can take projection lighting. In order to allow visitors to have a fresh feeling, interior furnishings may often change the location, so lighting needs to be flexible to adapt to the changes of the subject.

The study of the Visual Workplace fine, also need to take a break between the visual tension, so I hope to create a spacious feel fine work and ensure the visual needs of lighting. In order to solve the general reading and writing, often in the local lighting field in Sichuan high illumination, if the general lighting study space is dark, it will have a strong contrast in the field, long time work in the visual environment will make people's eyes quickly fatigue. To this end, the general lighting with a considerable degree of illumination, local lighting should be able to adjust the brightness.

The restaurant is a member of the family to dine together, feasting and entertainment room, the lighting should make people's emotions on the table. As a result of sometimes doing some recreational activities, or because of visitors, the table may be expanded or moved, it can also be used to adjust the height of the hanging lamps.

The kitchen lighting should be according to the pool, table, cabinets, stoves and other local lighting layout. Kitchen lighting to try to use the same light source and restaurant lighting, or the color difference is not a light source. To prevent the shadow is the layout of the lamps must be considered when the design not only consider the shadow of fixed equipment, but also to consider the door opened, cooking utensils placed or operation or their own may produce a shadow.

The bathroom lighting should be bright and soft, smooth and has a sense of. The toilet is often open and closed, so the light source should be suitable for the type of work. Due to the large bathroom humidity, the lighting switch should be located outside the door. Senior residential buildings are generally installed air conditioning equipment, the power outlet should be separated from the general lighting socket, and because of its larger electricity consumption and lighting should be used to measure electricity consumption. Can adjust the height of the chandelier as shown in Figure 10 a 5, the winding wire into a spiral shape, can be stretched freely, there are a variety of types of shade, the diagram is only a general indication.

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