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Qinhuai lantern market suffered embarrassing trap

Abstract: now, Nanjing District, Qinhuai, only 78 pure handmade lamp, lantern factory has dropped from the previous more than and 300 to more than and 30. "Qinhuai Lantern Festival" as the core part of the Qinhuai lantern, lantern carrying Qinhuai roots, but in recent years, many artists have to switch.

But in recent years, many artists have changed careers. Today, Nanjing District, Qinhuai, only 78 pure handmade lamp, lantern factory has dropped from the previous more than and 300 to more than and 30. Qinhuai lantern technology how long heritage, has become the focus of this inscription efforts. At the end of February, Nanjing District of Qinhuai City Cultural Bureau officially launched the declaration of Qinhuai lantern festival culture space world intangible cultural heritage program, plans in 2015 to gain access to the national Ministry of culture world non-material cultural heritage list of options. "Qinhuai Lantern Festival" as the core part of the Qinhuai lantern, lantern and inheritance of Qinhuai roots.

But in recent years, many artists have changed careers, and now, Nanjing District, Qinhuai, only 78 pure handmade lamp, lantern factory has dropped from the previous more than and 300 to. Qinhuai lantern craft how long heritage, has become the focus of the efforts of this time, the market is chaotic, authentic lanterns trapped in the middle of March, one day, a reporter in Nanjing, a facade shop to see sun song. His shop, filled with wooden, iron, kites and other handicrafts, but not see lanterns. Special note: this site reproduced all the comments do not represent the views of this site, such as the need for related products, please contact the site, the copyright belongs to the original author.

"It's not the time to sell the lights. Sun Song said, the most afraid of the wet lantern, after the rainy season, in order to spring festival lanterns for the next year". "If you encounter rain and snow weather, it is difficult to sell lanterns.

Even cloudy, morning and afternoon lantern color are very different, the price is also very different. "Sun song worry is shared by all the lantern. In the handicraft industry, from the beginning to the end of the lamp, the "sky" is always the most important factor.

Geography equally indispensable. Provincial Heritage Cao Zhenrong's lantern factory, in the old town of Nanjing, a number of old factories converted into a courtyard. In order to cope with the rainy days, Cao Zhenrong can only rely on the ground covered with plastic sheets and plastic bags to wear lanterns to moisture. Cao Zhenrong opened a carton to reporters, lotus lamp box, are due to warehouse roof leaks or ground damp and mildew by going to throw away, and these lanterns, originally a lamp can sell one hundred yuan. In ancient times, lantern lantern street selling, low price. But in recent years, the continuous increase in the price of handmade lanterns, and some even called the price of more than 1000 yuan, causing consumer dissatisfaction. In fact, the price is also Suihangjiushi lantern.

The longest lantern lights at Lu Youwen explained: "now with wire cloth, thick instead of bamboo, paper and other materials, some of them used on the controller and the LED lamp, light material fee expensive a few times, plus the booth fee increase, prices will rise.

"Therefore, part of a bar lamp to materials they used playing rape, the poor, the price is far lower than the market price. Most of these people do not understand the lantern skills of farmers or migrant workers. Their lanterns quantify the impact of the market, forcing real artists to hold down prices and sell at a loss. A large number of poor quality lamps flooded the market, Lu Youwen worried that this will cause public discontent and refused to buy a lamp, in that way, will bring no small impact on the entire lantern industry.

Reporter contacted the Confucius temple management office. The other said, lantern price is formed in the market, there is indeed a lack of relevant policies and regulations to prevent unscrupulous traders to disturb the market. The old artist thinking conservative, lack of skills of young national heritage founder Lu Youchang Jiangnan dragon lantern factory for 10 years. And most of the Qinhuai lantern workshop, the factory did not take the initiative to find a business, there is no special marketing staff, the basic is to rely on repeat customers. The annual turnover of more than 10 million yuan in the factory are almost used in the cost of spending, especially in the summer after the lack of liquidity, has always been unable to increase production capacity.

Lu Youchang is aware of the lack of marketing strategies, but he said, now the balance can be satisfied, no energy to change the status quo. And Lu Youchang have the same idea of the old artist is not a minority. Most of them are satisfied with the "small and complete" production of the workshop, and for the modern commercial marketing means to hold the psychological conflict, that this is the ancient trade with the sale of the previous training counter. "We are old, the thought is conservative, hope the young people can create a new world. Lu Youchang said, in fact, witnessed the national artist such a situation, young artists are not afraid to act rashly.

Young female artist Wang Chunlin said: we do not have a good old artist skills, not necessarily recognized by the market. What we do is as a light year of life insurance subsidies, lucky. It is understood that the provincial heritage above enjoy the national economic subsidies and pensions as a guarantee. The young artists do not have the material basis of support, tie lanterns can only be used as a living skills, it is difficult to break through in the artistic attainments and industrial development. Young artists experience and knowledge can not be compared with the old artist. The young artist is halfway decent, and education and the environment a large gap between the old arts people from the family of the lantern.

In this way, more and more young artists to imitate or continue the old artist's lamp model, skills and details of the processing and not as good as the old artists in place, spending and income are in a vicious circle.

The reporter visited a number of Lantern are adamant that won't let children continue to live. The traditional craftsmanship of family workshops may be interrupted, depending on the size of the lantern factory workers are the traditional "Apprentice", just a lot of temporary workers.

No matter how skilled, as long as the workers go to work, you have to pay compensation. This is not a small sum of money, small factories simply unable to pay, only temporary emergency.

In this way, workers can get the craft heritage? Informed sources said that the production workers are mechanical assembly line work, each worker can only be fixed on a task, the tradition of art is not possible. Even if the artist is willing to impart skills, there are also many problems heirs. Speaking with the apprentice, Cao Zhenrong full stomach grievances, a lot of students do not want to use the mind, only to learn the fur on the hope that they can immediately change the cash.

Artist character is not pass, simply can not tie a good light. The apprentice has his own difficulties. Cuts, bleeding is commonplace, so hard to pay, but not enough life. Migrant workers have been transferred to He Xiaoshuang (a pseudonym) to expand his hands, fingers pointed, the palm of the different degrees of scars clearly visible.

He Xiaoshuang reluctantly said, tie lamp status is low, the craft is also high but only 'Heritage' title, and calligraphers, artists, etc., is not the same level of treatment, can not get the respect of society.

Qinhuai lantern, how to illuminate a day has been, Qinhuai lantern sales season mostly concentrated around the Spring Festival, the operating cycle is too short.

The reason why the natural conditions of the lantern far-reaching, the fundamental reason is the lantern to do a quarter of a year of living state. How to make Qinhuai lantern off-season? Lantern Liang Gu industry has his own opinion. Must be a large lantern to 'raise' traditional lanterns, with industrial production changes in the past individual workshop mode, in order to make lanterns out of the plight of the world. In 1993, Gu Yeliang took the lead in the process of contracting Confucius Temple lantern factory, with modern technology, strengthen the theme image planning and design of large-scale lantern exhibition, and will expand to Qinhuai lantern art performances on the stage, the annual sales of Qinhuai lantern.

In addition, Liang Gu industry also continue to develop a variety of goods and gifts to the Lantern Festival Lantern theme. A small lamp in the country to sell more than a dozen dollars in foreign countries can be sold to nearly $20. Gu Yeliang, pointing to a small lotus lamp, said foreigners are very fond of the Chinese folk products.

Gu Yeliang suggested that Confucius temple can build an overseas communication platform, in the scenic area for many years to provide artists with special places, take the lead in the development of festive tourist products, benefits led to heritage. Now Liang Gu industry 8 disciples, including 1 municipal heritage and 4 college students. Gu Yeliang said that once the general improvement of the living conditions of artists, that will allow more young people to see the intrinsic value and market value of traditional crafts, voluntary participation in the arts to go.

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